• HPL: The first and only league in the world where doing real business is the game.

  • HPL creates a leadership environment where the practice of leadership becomes central and visible.

  • Great leaders trigger great collaborations.

  • Collaboration requires leadership to start and innovation to succeed.

  • Through collaboration progress is achieved and adversity overcome.

  • Performance elevates simply by the act of observance.

  • Give people a game they can win, and they will play it all day long.

  • HPL doesn’t change how you view the world; it changes the world you view.

HPL is based on the simple insight that teams deliver bigger outcomes than individual endeavors. HPL organizes SME's into teams of complementing businesses. This enables SME's to leverage each other's strengths. The outcome is acclerated business performance.


  • HPL is a business accelerator targeting SME’s. HPL is organized as a league composed of teams that consist of SME’s and MNC’s. The teams compete by taking actions to maximize real (not simulated) business performance. The league championship is won by the team that delivers the maximum increase in business performance over the course of the championship.


  • To be an ecosystem that delivers all the elements which enable its constituents to accelerate their business performance. The vision is based on HPL’s belief in the equality of economic opportunity for every human being in the world.

League Organisation

  • The League consists of 11 teams.
  • Each team is composed of 11 SME’s, called team Players, and 1 MNC, called team Owner.
  • Each team is formed around a business theme (e.g. Health & Wellness, Travel & Tourism, E-commerce, etc.).
  • Within each team theme, there are 11 complementing but not competing businesses.
  • Each Player’s performance is tracked and reported through a performance index, which is a composite of growth in financialand non-financial metrics.
  • The team’s index is the aggregate sum of the eleven Player indices.
  • Other constituents of the League include the Advisory Council, Index Manager, Suppliers and Partners, each with a distinct role.
  • Once formed, the League will consist of 121 SME’s and 11 MNC’s.

The Game

  • The Game is played by actions that increase business performance. This is achieved by utilizing the League’s many resources, but more significantly by collaboration amongst the Players in each team.
  • The team delivering the highest index, i.e. the greatest increase in business performance, wins the League.
  • The duration of the championship is 4 years.
  • There is also an annual champion declared at the end of the 1st, 2nd and 3rd years

League Benefits

HPL provides constituents with comprehensive business support through:
  • Cost savings from a portfolio of suppliers
  • Extensive media coverage through the League’s journalistic team
  • Training and skills development through training programs from partners
  • Corporate governance through performance tracking
  • Mentoring, advice and relationships through the team Owners


  • Every constituent benefits from participating. HPL is a self-sustaining Prosperity Engine.